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students can expect to learn and hone the following skill sets on the drum set:

- Learning to read music/understanding time signatures
- Becoming comfortable playing with a metronome
- Developing a proficiency of the 26 standard rudiments
- Gaining an appreciation for listening to drumming and music as well as playing
- Learning how to lead an ensemble and play with a band
- Learning to chart out songs
- Learning to play to songs
- Understanding song structure

Avery Jackson of the    Charlotte Academy of Music

Avery Jackson of the Charlotte Academy of Music

what people are saying!

"Patrick has the kind of patience & cool vibe you want from a Drum Instructor teaching your middle schooler drums. He's kind and encouraging yet clear about what's needed to succeed with drumming.  He's super talented too!  I highly recommend this fella, he's awesome!" - Mandy Bird (Charlotte Academy of Music parent)

 "Drum lessons have not only strengthened Owen's performance in middle school band, but have also given him a hobby in which to invest his time.  Owen respects and admires Patrick as a teacher and performer.  Owen's lessons have proven to be a valuable and worthwhile part of his weekly schedule." - Julie Doejaaren (Charlotte Academy of Music parent)

"I had never heard of a drumming circle until I was looking for a jump house, a clown, or anything fun and creative for a kids party, then I stumbled across Patrick's ad about a "drumming circle".

After researching the history of drumming circles, I felt it would be a great idea for the kids, ages 6- 15 attended, and we all enjoyed it! At some point, I quizzed them to see if they wanted to get back in the pool or keep drumming, and they chose to drum. Their response gave me such appreciation; therefore, I highly recommend everyone, young and old alike, to participate in a "drumming circle". 
- Lachelle Barnard (Private client)

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